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Jaclyn Einis

App evangelist. Lover of food, farms, and words.


5 Travel Apps for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re taking flight or hitting the road, these apps will help you travel smart. Like a digital concierge, they’ll show you hidden gems and great deals – for budget backpacking and luxe vacationing alike. The ultimate travel booker: Find flights, cars, and accommodations with the help of sophisticated search filters.
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Talk the Talk With These Language-Learning Apps

Learning new languages unlocks incredible potential – new people to connect with, books to read, and places to explore. Whether your aim is to gain basic food-ordering skills or total fluency, there’s an app here for you. Bite-size lessons in a game-inspired package make language learning approachable for students of all ages.
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Meet the Women Behind the Apps

In honor of International Women’s Day, we talked to the women at the helm of some of our favorite apps. From the entrepreneur empowering the world to design, to the music app vet who’s redefining fiction, here’s a look at the stories behind the screen. When Perth native Melanie Perkins was in college, tutoring fellow students in design software, she noticed they had difficulty building confidence with the programs — and resolved to change that.
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5 Stellar Apps for Stargazers & Space Explorers

Want to identify constellations, spot planets, and get the lowdown on moon phases? You’re not alone. A whole universe of apps is out there for seasoned stargazers and budding space voyagers alike – here are our favorites. Intuitive and informative, SkyView makes it easy to start stargazing – no Wi-Fi or experience necessary.
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Camp, Fish, Bike: Apps for the Great Outdoors

Cool lakes, warm breezes, long roads, and winding trails. We love the great outdoors — especially when we’re prepared for it. With these five handy apps, you’ll be ready to fish, climb mountains, and cycle like a pro. Find a customized route for your next cycling, mountain biking, running, or hiking journey.
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Pride at Play: Read, Watch, Listen & Learn

There are lots of fantastic ways to celebrate Pride — marching, dancing, and dreaming, to name a few. This month, we’re honoring Pride by sharing and learning with the help of these apps. Reddit prioritizes being an open, welcoming space all year round, never forcing users to check a gender box or link back to their “IRL” identities.
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Best Apps of 2017

Elegantly and intelligently designed, these apps made our lives easier, our downtime more fulfilling, and our moments online more connected to others. Here they are: Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017.
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Essential Apps for an Epic Road Trip

Whether you’re riding solo or with your crew, there’s nothing like hitting the open road. With these five apps, you’ll be ready to make the most of your journey — even in those thrilling off-the-grid moments.
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New & Noteworthy Apps of June

A digital take on good old-fashioned TV-watching. A way to take the power back from your phone. From recent chart-toppers to just-launched gems, here are some of the most buzzworthy apps on our radar right now.
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Rest Assured: 5 Apps for Better Sleep

Sleep keeps your mind sharp, body healthy, and energy up. Yet all too often, it’s elusive — lost to restlessness, broken up through the night, and cut off abruptly. Find your way to a sounder slumber with the help of these apps. This comprehensive sleep aid tracks and improves your sleep, from lights-out to wake-up time.
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Innovative Apps That Champion Accessibility

At Google Play, we’re excited about tech’s potential to empower people with disabilities or special needs. Today and every day, we’re proud to support developers creating apps with accessibility in mind. Here are a few that we think are moving the needle. Be My Eyes lets sighted volunteers lend their eyes to strangers in need.
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Free Your Mind: 5 Omm-azing Meditation Apps

Whether you’re looking for more focus, less stress, or simply contentment, a little meditation can go a long way. These powerful apps can help you start or maintain a meditation practice, and live more mindfully each day. Charming art and a thoughtful interface make it easy to start meditating and stick with it.
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Jaclyn Einis

I'm a Boston-bred, SF-based writer, editor, and content strategist. Auspiciously born on on Thanksgiving, I spent my first day on earth wearing a turkey hat and have had food on the brain ever since.

I'm passionate about building brands, crafting strategic marketing campaigns, and telling the stories of farmers, chefs, and other makers and shakers.

I've wordsmithed at the likes of Google, Green Chef, Shutterfly,, and Food & Wine magazine, and covered the worlds of cocktails, slow food, and sustainable travel at Serious Eats, Clean Plates, and offMetro, among other outlets.

I see the forest for the trees, but I also notice the chipmunk skittering across a branch, the crunch of leaves, the smell of pine, and would like to know if those mushrooms are edible.



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