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Jaclyn Einis

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The Father-Son Feud that Built an Empire of Food

For decades, a son’s wayward wanderings clashed with his father’s vision for the family business, but when they finally see eye to eye, one of San Francisco’s great culinary institutions is born. “Before, it was only one hump. I make it three humps, and I make it bigger, so you can sit inside and you see the fruit,” Ned Mogannam beams, pointing at a row of kiwi trees.
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Fortunate One

There is no wall of beads. No headscarf. And absolutely no crystal ball. Just a set of stairs inside a boho-chic bistro spiraling up to a tiny alcove near the bathroom. Tucked in the corner is a woman, sitting, hands folded on a floral tablecloth, cards stacked and ready. The din of loud music and a packed house floats up from below.
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Car-Free Thailand: Things to Do in Bangkok

Thailand’s “City of Angels” packs over nine million residents into 600 square miles. Side saddling high schoolers and entire families moped through the streets, weaving past taxis, trucks and tuk-tuks. It’s a chaotic town, yet somewhere between the traffic, mega-malls and sleepless street vendors, Bangkok can offer serenity, a vibrant arts scene, and flashes of an eco-conscious culture.
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The Rise and Fall of the Lime Rickey, the Soda Fountain Comeback Kid

To most New Yorkers, it means a cherry-tinged treat. To many New Englanders, it's a fizzy raspberry soda. For the purist, it's all about the lime—and only the lime. One thing's certain: The lime rickey is the soda fountain's comeback kid. A refreshing mix of lime juice, fruit or sugar syrup, and seltzer, the lime rickey owes its origin to its alcoholic forefather.
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How To Make PDT's Cereal Milk Punch

Sure, the union of several good things isn't always a great thing . But when it works, oh does it ever. Case in point: PDT's Cereal Milk Punch , a New York riff on the classic New Orleans Milk Punch (a milk-based brandy or bourbon cocktail). Like a couple whose strong personalities somehow mellow each other out, whiskeys and Momofuku Milk Bar's cereal milk meld to beautiful effect in this cocktail.
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A Chickpea by Any Other Name

Escape isn't synonymous with running away. Running away implies cowardice; escaping—from our routines and numbingly fast pace of life—is an act of bravery.
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How To Make PDT's Nolet's Noël

With visions of sugarplums dancing in his head, PDT owner Jim Meehan pulled out a bottle of Damson gin liqueur and starting tinkering. the spiciest and most tart variety of the fruit—often ripen in early September, just in time to be macerated into a liquid holiday treat. Made in the Finger Lakes, Averell's Damson Gin is an American take on the classic British liqueur.
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How to Make Beloved's The Henry

Henry's not old enough to drink yet. But his dad, a friend of the guys behind Beloved in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, likes his spirits straight. So the Greenpoint bar looked to the Manhattan to toast baby Henry. "I love Manhattan variations," says Beloved bar manager Rene Hidalgo. "It's a simple approach that has a lot of room to play around with."
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How to Make Rouge Tomate's Winter Citrus Punch

Holiday baggage still weighing you down? Drink it off with this deliciously tangy juice blend from Rouge Tomate. The modern-American restaurant in New York's Upper East Side is lauded for its healthy, locavore approach to dining. virgin and otherwise—adhere to these same principles, drawing on seasonal produce for nutritious blends that sing.
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How to Make Mayahuel's Black Star

The best comforts transcend seasons: a soft scarf, pie a la mode, a good Bloody Mary. At Mayahuel in New York's East Village, the warm-spiced Black Star is one such year-round pleasure. "This became part of what I called my Indian Winter menu," says Philip Ward, co-owner and bartender, who added the Black Star to the menu as spring started to creep in.
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Philly Art Scene: All You Need To Know

Inside, outside, underground, and 548 feet above ground—opening your eyes is all it takes to find art in Philadelphia. New Yorkers looking for a change of pace, or anyone seeking a thrilling cultural affair, will find plenty to get excited about in the City of Brotherly Love—just 90 minutes from NY.
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Living Light in Liguria: WWOOFing at the House of the Sun

Volunteering on organic farms can mean a lot of different things. When Jaclyn Einis WWOOFed in Liguria, it meant dirty fingernails, multilingual meditation and discovering that the next best thing to wine was right under her feet.
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Jaclyn Einis

I'm a Boston-bred, SF-based writer, editor, and content strategist. Auspiciously born on on Thanksgiving, I spent my first day on earth wearing a turkey hat and have had food on the brain ever since.

I'm passionate about building brands, crafting strategic marketing campaigns, and telling the stories of farmers, chefs, and other makers and shakers.

I've wordsmithed at the likes of Google, Green Chef, Shutterfly,, and Food & Wine magazine, and covered the worlds of cocktails, slow food, and sustainable travel at Serious Eats, Clean Plates, and offMetro, among other outlets.

I see the forest for the trees, but I also notice the chipmunk skittering across a branch, the crunch of leaves, the smell of pine, and would like to know if those mushrooms are edible.



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