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Car-Free Thailand: Things to Do in Bangkok

Thailand’s “City of Angels” packs over nine million residents into 600 square miles. Side saddling high schoolers and entire families moped through the streets, weaving past taxis, trucks and tuk-tuks. It’s a chaotic town, yet somewhere between the traffic, mega-malls and sleepless street vendors, Bangkok can offer serenity, a vibrant arts scene, and flashes of an eco-conscious culture.
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A Chickpea by Any Other Name

Escape isn't synonymous with running away. Running away implies cowardice; escaping—from our routines and numbingly fast pace of life—is an act of bravery.
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Philly Art Scene: All You Need To Know

Inside, outside, underground, and 548 feet above ground—opening your eyes is all it takes to find art in Philadelphia. New Yorkers looking for a change of pace, or anyone seeking a thrilling cultural affair, will find plenty to get excited about in the City of Brotherly Love—just 90 minutes from NY.
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What the F*ck is Bunny Chow?

A heaping serving of slop, Bunny Chow is the South African bread bowl to America’s melting pot and a nod to South Africa’s diversity. Nothing to do with rabbits or Hef’s favorite snack, this cultural mash-up is one part Asian curry, one part Euro-bread and one part apartheid; now that's some heavy shit.
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Living Light in Liguria: WWOOFing at the House of the Sun

Volunteering on organic farms can mean a lot of different things. When Jaclyn Einis WWOOFed in Liguria, it meant dirty fingernails, multilingual meditation and discovering that the next best thing to wine was right under her feet.
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The Russel Wright Design Center in the Hudson Valley

Just a little north of Manhattan, Manitoga beckons those looking for art off of Museum Mile and a refreshing walk in the woods outside the park. and landscape—of industrial design legend Russel Wright, Manitoga is an eco-architectural marvel and a living memorial to the modern design mastermind. Though Russel Wright may no longer be the household name he was in the 1940s and 50s, a look at Wright’s Modern “designs for living,” most famously his ceramic dinnerware, will likely evoke a sense of “Haven’t I seen that?”.
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The Outer Banks: By Land and Sea

When the dunes roll up on either side of the road and sand begins to spill onto the shoulder, you’ve arrived. With the Atlantic to the east and the Pamlico Sound to the west, the ride down Highway 12 is reason enough to take a trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. But it’s certainly not the only reason.
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Island Life: Ocracoke, North Carolina

From our adventures on Hatteras Island, we continued on to Ocracoke Island, home to fewer than 1,000 residents and in a world all its own, replete with a unique “hoi toid” (e.g. “high tide”) dialect.Shaped like a sewing needle with a thin strip of land—all of it protected by the National Park Service—leading some 12 miles along Highway 12 to a quaint fishing village.
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The Best Things to Do in Peekskill, NY

You want views. Some good eats and a bit of shopping wouldn’t hurt, either. And you’d rather not travel more than an hour from the city. Some may call your getaway ambitions high maintenance. You call them discerning. And with Peekskill sitting pretty just over 40 miles from Grand Central on Metro North’s Hudson line, you can also call them realistic.
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Manage Your Gas Budget like a Fortune 500, One Gallon at a Time

Wish you could use the sophisticated money management techniques big companies use to your own finances? and doing so is easier than might think. Just like life, business always has a degree of unpredictability. Things break. Opportunities arise. Prices fluctuate. Companies have clever tricks for creating stability amidst all this instability — tricks you can apply to your own budget.
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7 Surprises About TankWallet, The Only Fixed-Price Gas App

Whether you already use TankWallet or you just discovered us, chances are there are a few things you don’t know about us. After talking to our community of drivers, we found these seven facts to be the most common surprises about TankWallet: Finding low-priced gas and locking in gas prices with TankWallet is absolutely free.
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Carpooling 101: The Essential Ridesharing Guide

Back-to-school time for you or your kids? Starting a new job or in a not-so-convenient location? Finally joining that hiking group, soccer team, or pottery class? Planning the ultimate autumn apple-picking trip for your crew? Whatever your fall plans may be, chances are they involve at least a few hours of driving.
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Jaclyn Einis

I'm a Boston-bred, SF-based writer, wont to wander. Auspiciously born on on Thanksgiving, I spent my first day on earth wearing a turkey hat and have had food on the brain ever since.

I'm passionate about building brands, crafting strategic marketing campaigns, and telling the stories of farmers, chefs, and other makers and shakers.

A freelance journalist, copywriter, and content marketer, I've wordsmithed at the likes of Green Chef, Shutterfly,, and Food & Wine magazine, and covered the worlds of cocktails, slow food, and sustainable travel at Serious Eats, Clean Plates, and offMetro, among other outlets.

I see the forest for the trees, but I also notice the chipmunk skittering across a branch, the crunch of leaves, the smell of pine, and would like to know if those mushrooms are edible.



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