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Jaclyn Einis

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Talking Turkey with the Godfather of American Poultry

Frank Reese knows his poultry. After sixty years in the bird biz, he’s known as the Godfather of American poultry. The fourth generation turkey farmer runs the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch alongside his 90-year-old father. With a poultry farm training program in the works and a decorated career that’s far from over, Reese is proof that some people really do have a calling.
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Off the Hook: NYC’s Community Supported Fishery

New York is a city of villages: the butcher, the baker, even the gefilte fish maker. But what of the fishmonger? Samantha Lee enjoyed the East Village, but lamented its lack of fresh fish proprietors: “I didn’t feel like there was a great deal of access to local, sustainable seafood. When there is, it’s either really expensive or far away.
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Cooking with Intention: Nopa's Chef Laurence Jossel

“I was a chubby baby, fated by food,” says Laurence Jossel, Executive Chef of Nopa. “Food has been a soothing thing [for me] from the beginning.”. Food shifted from source of comfort to career when Laurence became a dishwasher at age 14, eager to earn money for his first car. From there, he was hooked.
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Vegan Has Arrived: Introducing Green Chef’s Newest Menu

Green Chef has always been about making dinner work for you. Your schedule. Your preferences. We know that eating isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It’s about what feels right for your body. Often, it’s about trying out something new to discover what feels right. That’s why it’s been a priority for us to offer a range of menus from day one.
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New Year, New Look

We’ve got a brand new look, from our website and logo, to our recipe cards and boxes. We hope you like what you see.
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Living Light in Liguria: WWOOFing at the House of the Sun

Volunteering on organic farms can mean a lot of different things. When Jaclyn Einis WWOOFed in Liguria, it meant dirty fingernails, multilingual meditation and discovering that the next best thing to wine was right under her feet.
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The People’s Chickens: Squawking Soon in Cypress Hills

Over 100 vacant lots act as al fresco dumpsters in East New York. One such lot, too small to live up to its affordable housing zoning, will soon be a hotbed of healthy, affordable food. Faced with a lack of accessible fresh food, East New Yorkers have taken matters into their own hands by turning waste into compost.
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Dinner Date: What to Cook for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, skip the reservation scramble and prix fixe menus. Cook something for (or with) your Valentine instead. Trust us, it’s much more romantic — and relaxing — than dining out. And we’re making it extra easy for you to have a low-stress, high-yum evening with a menu full of date night specials.
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Manage Your Gas Budget like a Fortune 500, One Gallon at a Time

Wish you could use the sophisticated money management techniques big companies use to your own finances? and doing so is easier than might think. Just like life, business always has a degree of unpredictability. Things break. Opportunities arise. Prices fluctuate. Companies have clever tricks for creating stability amidst all this instability — tricks you can apply to your own budget.
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7 Surprises About TankWallet, The Only Fixed-Price Gas App

Whether you already use TankWallet or you just discovered us, chances are there are a few things you don’t know about us. After talking to our community of drivers, we found these seven facts to be the most common surprises about TankWallet: Finding low-priced gas and locking in gas prices with TankWallet is absolutely free.
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Carpooling 101: The Essential Ridesharing Guide

Back-to-school time for you or your kids? Starting a new job or in a not-so-convenient location? Finally joining that hiking group, soccer team, or pottery class? Planning the ultimate autumn apple-picking trip for your crew? Whatever your fall plans may be, chances are they involve at least a few hours of driving.
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Jaclyn Einis

I'm a Boston-bred, SF-based writer, wont to wander. Auspiciously born on on Thanksgiving, I spent my first day on earth wearing a turkey hat and have had food on the brain ever since.

I'm passionate about building brands, crafting strategic marketing campaigns, and telling the stories of farmers, chefs, and other makers and shakers.

A freelance journalist, copywriter, and content marketer, I've wordsmithed at the likes of Green Chef, Shutterfly,, and Food & Wine magazine, and covered the worlds of cocktails, slow food, and sustainable travel at Serious Eats, Clean Plates, and offMetro, among other outlets.

I see the forest for the trees, but I also notice the chipmunk skittering across a branch, the crunch of leaves, the smell of pine, and would like to know if those mushrooms are edible.



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